2015, September 7 | Monday 10:44 pm

by Peter Samuel

She’s head and shoulders above the rest – top flight debater, sharp, knowledgeable, likable, high intelligence,  great record as a CarlyLogomanager, solid convictions, good judgment, sympathetic, very classy person… just the best of them.

Scott Walker – You have to admire for his activist conservative record, especially his courage in facing down the  state labor union mobsters, an entrenched special interest that has so many state governments andCarly much of the Democratic Party under its thumb

Ted Cruz – a solid candidate too, for his speaking and debating skill, obviously solid convictions, and earned credit for taking on the feeble House ‘leader’ John Boehner

Ben Carson – the most likable of all the candidates, smart and obviously very accomplished in his profession as a surgeon, little experience as a manager, perhaps too nice, not tough enough for the job

CruzMarco Rubio – terrific candidate but seems to have lost support with conflicting statements on hot button immigration issues

Jeb Bush – decent FL state governor several years back, but a wind-up pol, reeks of the insipid GOP establishment, notoriously indecisive, totally uninspiring

John Kasich – good governor of OH, decent man, intelligent, right instincts, lacks the steel of Walker, Fiorina, Cruz

Chris Christie – excellent debater, likable, modest achievements as governor NJ, gross weight a handicap, reputation heavily damaged by his top aides’ shenanigans to create traffic cxhaos at the Fort Lee toll gates of the George Washington Bridge in an act of petty political payback against a small city mayorrubio

Rick Perry – good record as TX governor, mediocre campaigner, poor debater, uninspiring speaker, he’s had his shot and fell well short

Hillary Clinton – inept, unlikeable, disastrous record as Secretary of State, congenital liar,  corrupt, (will be lucky to avoid jail,) only asset is hubby & ex-Prez Bill the charming villain

HillDonald Trump - great talent as a showman, refreshing to many for his “You’re fired” meme for accountability and his hits on ‘political correctness,’ but profoundly ignorant on world affairs, an instinctive fascist in governance, insufferably arrogant, compulsively rude, a loathesome oaf, suffers a pathological narcissistic personality disorder

Bernie Sanders – good campaigner, conveys conviction, but actually believes the socialist nonsense he spouts, exhibiting a very special blindness to reality since everywhere, every time it has been tried socialism has been fiasco or tragedy


Martin O’Malley – all the appeal of a used car salesman, record of pandering to leftist special interests as governor of this state, unknown outside it and deservedly so

bernieJoe Biden -  the best of a very weak Democratic candidate set, likable, a charmer, but too old for the job, and carries heavy Obama Admin baggage

If we’ve forgotten some others, then they’re eminently forgettable.

- editor 2015-09-07

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