2014, September 5 | Friday 1:54 am

by Peter Samuel

The City is looking for a new person to join the Historic Preservation Commission and is hoping to get multiple applicants of whom one will be selected. A notice on the City’s website says the person selected will serve through May 2016 – the unexpired period of commissioner Brian Dylus who resigned a few weeks ago just half way through his current three year term.

Dylus a construction consultant runs his business out of Rosemont Avenue near Hood College. He has not attended HPC meetings for some months.

The notice says applicants for the vacancy should have “a demonstrated special interest in historic preservation.”

It adds that this may be satisfied by:

- formal training in historic preservation,

- professional or volunteer experience with a preservation-related organization, or

- active membership in a preservation-related organization.

The notice says people wishing to be considered must send a letter of interest and a resume to Amber Grimes the City’s commissions coordinator by 4pm Friday September 12.

City code provides that the HPC comprise between five and seven commissioners. They are selected by the Mayor but need to be confirmed by the Board of Aldermen. Appointments are for three years except for appointments in the wake of a mid-term departure causing an unscheduled vacancy.

Commissioners are unpaid. They are often renewed for additional three year terms.

Commissions coordinator Amber Grimes is handling applications:




code provisions:


- editor 2014-09-04

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